The CC44 “Fast Cruiser” design is intended to be a small boat on a long waterline. Although wing pods are optional, the original configuration was a slender hull with all accommodations within. The lack of complex shapes does streamline the construction using Constant Camber panels, which are used not only for hulls, but wing fairings also. A generous sail plan gives this boat excellent windward ability for making fast passages. This boat can easily carry extra gear and supplies for extended cruises. The CC44M is a mid-cockpit cruiser is much like the CC40M with additional length and beam. The extra length will add a little speed and some extra payload.


Design Model 44M 44FC
Length Overall 44'0″ 44'4″
Waterline Length 41′4″ 40'8″
Beam Overall 27′6″ 28'7″
Beam of Main Hull 6′6″ 7'10″
Draft, Hull Only 3′2″ 3'0″
Draft, Board Down 6′9″ 6'2″
Displacement, Full Load 14,000 lbs 15,000 lbs.
Displacement, Dry 10,000 lbs 11,000 lbs.
Payload 4000 lbs. 4000 lbs.
Sail Area, 100% fΔ 860 sq ft 860 sq ft
Sail Area, Max 980 sq ft 980 sq ft
Mast Length 52′0″ 52'0″
Bridge Clearance 55′ 55'
Engine Power 25-hp 25-hp
Fuel Tankage 30 gal 30 gal
Water Tankage 50 gal 50 gal
Speed under Power 7 knots 7 knots
Number of Crew 2 to 6 2 to 6
Berths, Min/Max 1-3 1-3
Headroom in Cabin 6′4″ 4′8″
Design Fee to Build One Boat $3,500 $3,500