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Jim Brown and John Marples have produced designs of successful sail and power craft for over 40 years using conventional materials and cutting-edge design to produce vessels that are stronger, more seaworthy, and more practical to build than ever before. Ease of handling, longevity, utility, operating cost, investment value, and speed are all essential components of what we term Total Performance in pleasure or commercial craft design.

These vessel designs are straight-forward, easy to build, wood and epoxy, using various construction methods for multihulls and dinghies from 7 to 64 feet. All are constructed of wood; lumber, plywood and/or veneers, bonded with epoxy. All are sheathed on the exterior with light fiberglass cloth to reduce maintenance and improve surface quality.  Most of our plans include full-size bulkhead patterns.  Since we are builders ourselves, we strive to make the construction easy to understand and the finished vessel satisfying to operate. Our portfolio of designs includes trimarans and catamarans, sail and power, pleasure and USCG certified commercial vessels. View the Design Portfolio of the entire design line or purchase Study Plans for individual vessels by using the Price List and Order Form from this web site

We have downloadable information packets and study plans for all of our vessels and we're glad to answer questions about any of these designs online, by phone or mail. The Marples Marine design in coastal Maine office operates 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone). Send an email or call today for a personal consultation.  We look forward to assisting you with your boatbuilding project. 

John Marples also provides expert marine survey and consultation services. Services are available for those considering a vessel purchase, or for insurance requirements, or repair estimations. Consultation about other projects is also available at a reasonable hourly rate. These services come with a background of more than forty years sailing and building experience.


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